Eye exam

At L’Aire visuelle, we offer a variety of eye exams by qualified optometrists. Here’s what you can find here:

  • Full visual examination and visual function analysis
  • Treatment of visual deficiencies using orthoptics and ophthalmic lenses, in the form of spectacles or contact lenses;
  • Treatment of infectious and inflammatory ocular conditions (conjunctivitis, blepharitis, uveitis, foreign bodies, etc.) by the prescription of drugs or appropriate recommendations;
  • Collaboration with other health care professionals, including ophthalmologists, for follow-up of patients who have undergone refractive surgery or who are experiencing certain conditions such as glaucoma, diabetes and others
  • Tips for Preventing Visual Disorders and Promoting Good Vision Means

Whether it’s just for a general exam or for a more in-depth assessment, our healthcare professionals will take the time to do all the necessary tests to get the most accurate picture of your vision.

Between the ages of 18 and 65, we recommend a general eye exam every two years, whether or not you have visual correction. This allows better prevention for less cure. Before the age of 18 and after the age of 65, it is a yearly examination which is recommended, paid in full by your health insurance card.

Make an appointment today to see an optometrist, and take charge of the health of your eyes.