Glasses made for you

At L’Aire Visuelle, we offer a selection of frames that are varied and adapted to all styles and needs, from prescription glasses to sunglasses. You will be advised by competent and passionate opticians, and you will surely find something you will like. Here are some tips for choosing your mount!

The choice of the frame is essential to have the most aesthetic result possible. This choice is mainly based on the visual prescription, the thickness and the appearance of the glasses being directly related to it. The influence on the vision is also something to consider; especially for progressive lenses wearers, we must ensure that there is enough room for the corrective lenses.

Apart from the technical aspect, you must obviously love your mount. The material (metal or plastic), shape, etc. Do you want a discreet mount? A punchy mount? It’s easy to get lost in our large selection of glasses. Fortunately, our team of professionals is here to advise you.

Our opticians are dedicated to their work, and will make sure that your next glasses are tailored to your style and needs.

Come visit us to take a first look at our wide selection of glasses!